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We offer Soul Coaching, Reiki Services and Essential Oil Blends infused with Reiki.

About Guided Path Wellness

Guided Path Wellness

Is an alternative care wellness practice located in Keene, NH aimed at helping clients achieve total mind, body and soul wellness though healing from the inside out. We offer services that can not just give immediate relief but also get to the root cause of an ailment. Guided Path Wellness offers Soul Coaching which is a combination of Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Wellness coaching and Reiki Services. By understanding what makes your soul well, your entire well-being in all facets of life can improve. Combination packages of Coaching and Reiki services are offered as well as individual Coaching or Reiki sessions. Guided Path Wellness also sells essential oil blends infused with Reiki  that were developed in Reiki sessions with clients. The blends help clients in a variety of different capacities including motivated and revitalized spiritual guidance, skin care support, boosting immune systems, spiritual awakening, soothing and relaxing blends, sinus support and chakra balancing. These blends are unique in that the Reiki infusion of these products help boost the already present wellness properties of the high quality oils.

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No purchase necessary to book an appointment! Payment is due at the time of service. The convenient option to purchase services online and prepay is available if preferred. Free 15 Minute consultations available to see what service would be best for you! 

About the Coach and Practitioner


A Message from Amanda


For the 20 years that I worked in Corporate America I always had the hardest time with home and work-life balance and time management. I also consistently struggled with wondering if I was on the right path. I was good at my career and was utilizing my education in business management and accounting and finance, but wasn't sure if it was what I was meant to do. This weighed on me. With each of my jobs becoming more stressful than the next as I worked my way up the corporate ladder, I had to figure out how to deal with the day to day constant stresses, anxiety attacks, bouts of depression and feeling like I was cheating myself and my relationships out of living a fulfilling life. I was horrible about self care and always put myself last. When I became a single mother, the struggles became even more profound. As I moved into leadership positions, I started to realize the piece of the job that I loved the most was the development, coaching and mentoring of my colleagues and my employees. It’s then that I realized I had natural coaching abilities and had been doing it my entire life. I pursued certification for life coaching with specializations in spirituality and wellness because it partners well with my pursuit of energy work. I finally felt like I was figuring it all out and wanted to share my experience and tools with others! Understanding how energy work could help me handle stress and anxiety made me feel so much better.

My entire life I have been sensitive to energy. I’ve always felt others’ emotions and absorbed their energy. It wasn't until I discovered Reiki that I realized how much energy affected me throughout my entire life. Exploring universal energy and ways to eliminate negatively stored energy resonated with me. Through the gentle practice of Reiki, negatively stored energy in the body can be released. The relief that is felt from this practice is so beneficial to your entire body, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It helped me gain clarity in all that I do and taught me a lot about myself. I no longer have anxiety attacks or have to be on medication for anxiety or depression. My pursuit of education with energy and experiences with coaching has led me to the path I am on today and I could not be happier!

The best coaches in life aren't the ones with the most degrees or accreditation's, they are the ones who have been through what we have been through, understand how it feels, have overcome obstacles and succeeded and have dealt with anguish just like you have. I've been there and figured out tips, tricks and solutions to what you are experiencing! If you feel like I can help you in any way, give me a call for a free consultation!

About Services and Products


What is Reiki?

Essential Oil Blends Infused with Reiki

What is Life Coaching?

 Reiki is a Japanese technique in which the attuned practitioner channels universal energy to promote stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Reiki is classified as an energy healing form of alternative medicine. During a session the practitioner becomes a conduit and transfers this universal energy typically through the palms of the hands to the client. Sessions can help clients restore physical and emotional well-being. See Services tab for more details!


What is Life Coaching?

Essential Oil Blends Infused with Reiki

What is Life Coaching?

 Coaching is a professional relationship that enables a client to move forward in their life or work with greater focus, momentum, structure and success by enabling them to create and find their own answers to their challenges and goals. Coaching focuses on the present and the future of the clients life. A Coach is not a therapist, a psychologist, a counselor or a medically trained professional. They help the client build structure to obtaining their goals. See Services tab for more details!


Essential Oil Blends Infused with Reiki

Essential Oil Blends Infused with Reiki

Essential Oil Blends Infused with Reiki

Essential oils were used therapeutically for centuries and today's modern research confirms their benefits. Guided Path Wellness has created blends infused with Reiki to add to the therapeutic and wellness properties of the oils. Already cut appropriately with carrier oil, the blends are ready to use topically or in diffusing. All oils are organic and of high-quality. All blends are offered in 10 ml roller or dropper bottle form and are for external use only. See Essential Oils tab for more details!